Winter 2018 Newsletter

Laird Brown Photography

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Drawing Students to a Winning Game

Show Low, AZ was named for a legendary 1876 card game between two ranchers to see who would move on. When the city’s fiberglass monument commemorating the game burned during a candlelight vigil, Northland Pioneer College metal arts instructor Howard Nobel  led an effort to build a bronze one. Howard’s students at the community college learn basic blacksmith forging, scrollwork, etching and other skills for forming sheet metal into useful and decorative art. Stories of interesting and creative staff help encourage teens and adults to enroll and learn a trade, like welding, or other life- and career-enhancing skills.

Showing Quality Control in Action

Delta Technology in Phoenix designs custom process automation equipment of all sizes to fit into the production lines of their clients. Some I’ve photographed are as large as 20’ x 20’ while the one shown here is about the size of a microwave oven. It picks up an electronic “chip” about 1/4” square from a tray (at right in image above), places it in a test chamber (center), and closes the lid. A seal is lowered (attached to orange pipe, right image) and heat or cold is pumped in, for minutes or hours, to perform a stress test. Then repeats. Deep photographic focus helps to show all the detail of this precision device.

Small Business Photos for Web Sites and Brochures