Meet Laird Brown

Helicopter view of tall factory smokestack

Laird Brown started taking pictures with a passion in High School. At Kent State University, he received degrees in both Photojournalism and Journalism. In his Junior year, he created a unique yearbook with a 100-page pull-out section in the style of Life Magazine. He was selected for a summer internship at National Geographic Magazine, which published across two pages a photograph he made near Hudson Bay, Canada, on assignment*.

Laird went to work at a paper manufacturing company photographing and writing stories about and for employees. One project had him hanging out of a helicopter to get a birds-eye view of a smokestack under construction. The image was distributed by UPI. Later he moved to another company doing a variety of public relations and marketing assignments. Along the way he earned a Master’s Degree in Communication. He started his photography business in 2006.

Starting in 2010 Laird offered volunteer photography at Justa Center, a day resource center that helps homeless seniors get into housing. Over the next 4 years he created a photo story which turned into a 24-page magazine. It was self-published and donated to Justa Center to support their fundraising. Ask Laird to see a copy.

Laird approaches a business project by, first, finding out what the client is trying to accomplish. Then he creates pictures that will help convey the message, build an image and tell a story.

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* National Geographic owns the copyright on my photo so I can’t show it here. Check it out where NGS sells prints.

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