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Here are some ways to show the tools that help create quality

Medical equipment retail store with brightly lit interior.
AZ MediQuip, which retails home medical equipment and supplies, now has four locations in the Valley. They wanted images of their stores on their web site, in catalogs and for Google. Lighting was added inside their Chandler store so prospective customers can see the promise of more choice inside. For more marketing photographs created for AZ MediQuip, click on photo above.
Colorful steel building at twilight.
Northland Pioneer College in Holbrook wanted to show off its new Technology Skills Center and commitment to job-ready programs for Navajo and Apache county residents. The new building brings together skills training from computer labs for A+ and N+ certification to welding, construction, and NPC's new energy and industrial technician program for automated manufacturing and control systems.
Warehouse with man driving a fork lift with large pump.
The owner of this business wanted to show how much stock was in their warehouse ready for immediate delivery. Making a working facility look good takes a bit of creativity — and a lot of cleaning, both in the space itself and by retouching the image afterward. In the end, the photograph reflects the quality of service the customer can expect.
Beautiful interior of hospital waiting areas.
OASIS Hospital opened with the goal of offering orthopedic patients an experience more like a resort than a hospital. Photographs needed to show the natural light, expanses of glass, fine furniture and artwork which set the tone for treatment within. Other photographs in this project included operating rooms, patient rooms, nursing stations and administrative offices.
Wall of eye glasses display with sliding door in background
Scottsdale Eye Physicians and Surgeons had just remodeled their offices, added a third doctor, and was building a new web site. They needed photographs to show the future they envisioned. Of particular interest was their Optical Boutique which featured frames from high fashion designers. The mirrored barn door to a storage area made an interesting contrast with the design and style of the frames on offer.
View down softly lit hallway and, looking through door, see massage technician working on person.
The owner of this new day spa wanted to show the peaceful beauty of the space, as a way of communicating the restful experience clients would get. Each of the treatment rooms has an iPod deck so clients can play their choice of music to add to their pleasure. For this reason, careful attention was given to assuring that the iPod player was turned on and included in the image.
Pediatric office gaily decorated with bean stock and cartoon characters with children playing while waiting.
Images of the child-friendly decorating and toys in the waiting room added color and interest to a brochure showing how Desert Sun Pediatrics in North Phoenix makes it easier for children – and their parents – when they come in for medical check-ups.

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