Your Team. . .

Here are some ways to show the folks who deliver your services

Group of executives standing between two buildings
The Renaissance Companies, a full service construction management firm in Scottsdale, wanted to picture their executive team and their corporate headquarters. Large lights were brought in to make the executives standing in the shade pop.
Two women and a man in executive office look at blueprints
A legal team checks over plans for a new development in one of a series of photographs to show the capabilities of the firm. Images that show your staff “at work” are often friendlier and more informative additions to web sites and presentations than individual portraits.
Five people in unused business cubicles posing
Training + Development magazine named Cigna Corporation a BEST Award winner, and asked me to make an image of Cigna University staff in Phoenix. The photograph had to be made in the aging location from which they were soon to move out. Fortunately I was able to find the one row of empty cubicles, framed by unusual colors, to give additional interest to the photograph.
Doctors in lab coats and staff around nurse station
Advantage Urgent Care in Glendale has a large staff of doctors and other medical and support personnel. As part of a series of images for their web site, selected staff members were carefully posed so the large numbers on treatment rooms in the background could be seen, adding an interesting design element in their offices.
About 25 people standing around old car in dining room of assisted living home.
The staff at Ridgecrest Healthcare skilled nursing facility gather around the 1929 Model A, a permanent fixture in their dining hall. This image was created to show the spirit of the organization and the quality of care they provide. Note how much more this image communicates about Ridgecrest than the stock photos of helpful-looking nurses that populate so many senior care sites.
Six executives in paneled office building walking toward camera
RRA Companies was updating its marketing, and images of the principals were needed for a new brochure and web site. Contributing to the success of this image was the stunning location. There was lots of natural light coming in the windows on the left and, on the right, I added light through the glass-walls of a conference room. Candid-style headshots were made at the same time for their "Management Team" page.
Six executives standing in window of framed-in house with mountains in background.
Principals in the development of DC Ranch in Scottsdale gather in a house under construction for a photograph to accompany a press release. Here they talk informally while the background is representative of the views future home-owners will have.

Show what makes your business stand out