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Here are some ways to show what your customers can expect

Round head on robotic arm applies small item to connector.
The head of a robotic arm makes a striking image for the firm's social media and sales materials. This machine assembles connectors, selecting minuscule parts from trays and placing each in the exact position in a cluster of copper wires. Overhead light aids accuracy by changing wavelength depending on the target — and adds color to the image.
Commercial refrigerator-sized machine with ramps and gantries carries bullets around.
Photographs of a robotic system built by Delta Technology in Phoenix enhanced sales presentations by showing the innovative solutions the firm delivers. Designed for a munitions factory assembly line, the machine provides a high level of quality control. (See next image.) A background was brought in to isolate this machine from other systems on the factory floor.
A bank of lasers light up cartridges being manufactured with red.
A tray of 500 cartridge casings passes through a maze of lasers which measure the exact amount of propellant in each. Any tray not 100% to standards is set aside, and a report is generated for analysis. A special photographic technique was used to create clarity and sharpness from front to back of the tray.
5 stainless steel tubular water treatment vessels
A distributor of water and wastewater treatment equipment wanted to show off a new product line, upgraded to stainless steel from PVC. Several techniques were needed to make the units look like stainless steel. Otherwise the images would just show reflections of the warehouse where they were photographed.
Large mining pump about 2 feet long
This large – about 24 inches long and over 100 pounds – pump for the mining industry was photographed on location in a warehouse. The firm wanted photographs of this and other heavy pumps they have in stock for quick delivery to display on pull-up banners at an upcoming trade show. I bring the "studio" into the warehouse to make images like this one.
Hiking-trail underpass at high-end community
Dibble Engineering asked me to make some images of their construction management work at the Village of Vistancia. They particularly wanted to show off the hand-crafted stonework for this walking trail underpass. Extra lighting was put on the stacked stone and the insides of the tunnels. In Photoshop, I "turned on" the overhead light fixture in the main tunnel.
Bridge with stacked stone abutments and fall colors
Another Vistancia highlight was this colorful bridge with stacked stone abutments. In addition to needing a super wide angle lens to capture the whole bridge without standing in the busy street, a photographic assignment like this involves cleaning off the sidewalk and “planting” additional ground cover in the lower left to show how the bridge reflects the beauty of the community.

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