Summer 2017 Newsletter

Laird Brown Photography

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Show the Precision of Your Products

Close-up view of the head of a robotic arm makes a striking image for the firm’s web site and sales materials. Designed and built by Delta Technology in Phoenix, this machine assembles connectors, selecting minuscule parts from trays, below, and placing each in the exact position in a cluster of copper wires. Overhead light aids accuracy by changing wavelength depending on the target — and adds color to the image.

Show the Quality of Your Team

A geography professor lining up a disk golf “putt” helps show Northland Pioneer College as place to begin a college degree or learn a trade with interesting and fun people. Andrew Hassard is as good at inspiring students as at disk golf, in which he ranks in the top 1% of all registered players in the U.S. Andrew’s photo is featured in the community college’s magazine distributed throughout Apache and Navajo counties in northeastern Arizona. Shown here in Show Low, disk golf is played in parks around the country by throwing a disk from a tee toward a chain target with scoring similar to regular golf.

Small Business Photos for Web Sites and Brochures